Jeff Cranfill

Jeff Cranfill has spent 45 years in the entertainment industry. Originally a professional musician, Jeff became interested in production early into his career. He worked as a musician and technician for bands, recording studios and production companies across the USA before starting his own production company in his home town of Winston-Salem, NC.

Jeff is a founding partner and Vice president of Special Event Services (SES). Since 1987 Jeff has provided scenic, show and lighting design for SES clients worldwide. Jeff has also toured with many of these SES clients as their lighting director for over the past 30 plus years. This additionally includes being the lighting designer and director on several music videos and television broadcasts that SES provides production for.

Owning and operating a production company since 1987 has allowed Jeff the opportunity to beta test new products as the industry has grown and Jeff continues a close relationship with several manufacturers that he still provides beta testing for.

Jeff is also the owner of Oak Valley Productions (OVP) which is a recording studio that he operates from his home in NC. OVP provides audio and video recording services for music and spoken word along with musician services, producing, mixing and mastering.