Erinn Dearth

Erinn Dearth was a nomadic touring performer until the COVID-19 Pandemic forced her into temporary domestic life while keeping the arts alive in every way she can think of.

In 2010, she founded Letters From Home, a singing & tap dancing USO-style tribute designed to honor veterans. The show has performed over 700 times across the country, and last year performed at the 75th Anniversary of Normandy Now, 10 years and over 700 shows later, Letters From Home is in the middle of planning a 50-States tour in 2021 with a new mission, to Unite the Nation through music.

With a passion for kids and a love of theatre, Erinn founded Spring Theatre in 2010, a youth-inspired theatre company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that is currently producing it’s 9th season of live theatre, classes and camps. Spring also produced a socially-distanced film in 2020 with over 100 cast members filming across the world.

In an effort to unite the many creative theatre companies in the Triad of North Carolina, Erinn co-founded the Triad Theatre League in 2016. The league offers unified auditions, social activities and advocacy of the arts.

When live performances are able to happen again, Erinn’s company, First in Flight Entertainment is dedicated to booking professional acts across the country for corporate events, private parties, theatre’s and air shows.

With the incredibly brilliant and talented Dan Beckmann (who sports the cutest ears in the universe), Erinn is 1/2 of “riley”, an artistic umbrella of creativity that produces blogs, songs, talk shows, screenplays, shows and a myriad of projects with the mission of playing with purpose.

She is excited to join the TrainCycle team!